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Fast video production with 2 days or day-to-day delivery.

Amazing Features.
One Flat Rate.

  • Super fast production: day to day or up to 2 days
  • Don't waste your time on searching for animators and scoring of the animation skills
  • Unlimited capacity, no workload briefings
  • Manage the projects like a boss without mess in personal messengers and other services (Asana, Slack, Dropbox, Gdrive). Manage all in one place.
  • Never lose assets and videos in dozens of folders, shared drives

Models of work with us

Up to 2 days delivery
Up to 150 videos per week
Fix price

Animation package

(Based on client's materials)
Video animation based on your script and assets
  • 2 rounds of revision
  • quick turnaround (0-2 days)
  • localizations, resizes
  • licensed music and Storyblock video footages
  • access to Perfomante management app

Script + Animation

(Based on client's materials)
Concept generation and video animation based on your assets
  • 3 rounds of edits
  • 7-10 days delivery
  • localizations, resizes
  • licensed music and Storyblock video footages
  • personal manager


Full cycle: ideas, custom illustrations, animation
  • 3 rounds of edits
  • 7-10 days delivery
  • localizations, resizes
  • licensed music and Storyblock video footages
  • personal manager
  • any style of illustration
  • 2D/3D projects


(Based on client's materials)
We create ideas and animation. Pay only for videos that performed.

*Only for apps with proven unit economy and up to $75k spend on mobile ad.
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We create animation videos that are based on your scripts and materials (images, videos, app assets)
We create ideas for animation videos and create videos, that are based on your materials (images, videos, app assets).
We create everything: ideas, custom illustrations, create animation.
We create: ideas, create animation. You pay only for videos that perfomed.


If you haven't found videos from your industry, we are 95% certain that we have worked with the apps from your industry. Unfortunately, a lot of videos are under NDA, and we can't show them.

No more words!

Write your email, and we'll do the rest.

About us

Perfomante is a project by Lemons — an animation studio created in 2013. Since that time we have worked with more than 650 companies. They trust us because we have strong animation competence in the mobile, blockchain and digital spheres.

General key Clients:
Band App
XYO Network
RJ Games
Prisma Labs
Trucker Path

Our clients

Scale the production of creatives for your games. Just send us the hottest gameplay, icon, text titles and we will do the rest. Alternatively, send us the characters and we will make the video with animated characters.

Try a lot of new approaches using Perfomante. Have you tried «Noob/Pro» or «Harder than you think?» concepts?

Play with live footage of athletes or send us the characters and we will animate them. We can show how characters do different activities and promote your app.

Create new creatives for you VPN, Wallpaper or Scanner app. Send us interfaces, video footage and we will do the rest.

Send us the interfaces of the apps and live footage, and we animate them to create animated videos that covert to installations of your app.

Provide us the interfaces and footage of screenplay. We animate the screens and provide you with a variety of video ads.

We are working with Perfomante team for the production of creatives. Excellent animation quality, ability to work undertime and responsible attitude to work

Kamilla Dvorakovskaya
Kamilla Dvorakovskaya

It was nice working with the crew on video ads for user acquisition. The guys were easy to talk to and open to suggestions. They delivered the product on time making sure everything was done as agreed upon. We gladly recommend them for any video ad cooperation.

Snezana Djuric
Snezana Djuric
Head of Marketing at Peaksel D.O.O


Workflow managed with our own video creative management platform.

Manage the production process using the Kanban system. The platform is programmed to work with numerous teams at the same time. You can scale your production without losses and chaos.

Easy to review. Click on the video and leave your comments.

All your video creatives and video assets are in one place. Find, sort and conduct reworks from existing videos using our storage system.

Perfomante is a team of more than 50 animators. Set a task and get your videos in just 1-2 days.

Download our guide

How to analyze your competitors and find new ideas for video creatives.