To make your advertising campaigns bright and memorable, you always have to search for new features and original solutions. Today we’ve undertaken this function from you and created a shortlist with the last ideas on the market – bright UGC, contrast shooting, and many more features! If you don’t know how to make your ambitious ads true, feel free to contact us and we’ll create a video for you in less than 72 hours.

Involve People Into Your Ads


The best opportunity to increase customer loyalty is to show testimonials from existing users. It creates more trust in the brand and willingness to buy your product without any doubts.

Emotional triggers

Satisfied users are not always ready to share reviews of your product, for example, if it deals with subtle topics, for example, medical cosmetology or psychological assistance. 

In this case, for your videos, you can use images of people who are smiling or looking peaceful. So the viewer begins to unconsciously associate your product with positive emotions and becomes loyal – even through advertising touches.

In the case of eBay, the company presents its product through emotion and family ties. This is how an association is formed in the viewer’s head: if I want to demonstrate love to my relatives, I can do it by buying something on this particular marketplace.

Demonstrate the Benefits Visually

Use contrasts

Show advantages of your product through antonyms, like “before” and “after” or light and shadow. That is the way GalaxyCove projector is promoted, as well as the new Samsung with night-mode camera.

Show the product in action

Nothing describes the benefits of a product better than showing its actual performance. For example, it helped Adidas to show flexibility of its new shoes and made Nike model dance on camera.

Demonstrate the Benefits in Words

Less words, but more power

We are not always able to demonstrate the benefits of a product visually, then the right words come to the rescue. Use a vibrant pitch elevator (slogan) and simple yet catchy visuals to make your ad stand out most!


If you still don’t want to be limited to a short, capacious video, then you can add story elements to your video and tell about the benefits of your product through characters and inanimate objects. For example, as manufacturers of Smalls cat food did.

Make spectators stuck

Not only meaningful videos make us remember things: sometimes the secret of a successful ad with low CTR is just a funny clip without any deep significance. For example, you will probably be interested in the bulging eyes effect in Hubble ad or watch three times a Snackeez video!

By the way, what idea will you pick yourself up for your next ad campaign? 😜

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