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5 Ad Ideas To Make Others Fall for Your Product

16_5 ads ideas to make others fall in love with your product

Every week we show you which tricks others use to attract new customers through video advertisements. Here is your regular dose of ad ideas from Perfomante 🙂

Take advantage of the competitive spirit

Nothing warms up your interest in the game like the opportunity to beat your opponent. According to WebMD, we like to compete for a variety of reasons. People crave dopamine that is released when they win. Moreover, competition is our primal instinct as it’s connected to survival.
In your ads, you can give the users a little bit of incentive and fire the competitive spirit. That’s what Toon Blast’s team did.

man vs woman gender competition
Here is a link to the original video

Don’t forget about ASMR

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is the third most searched YouTube term worldwide. This popular phenomenon helps improve mood and relieve insomnia. That’s why people find themselves looking for ASMR videos again and again.
Create an advertisement that includes pleasant sounds. Even if it’s the destruction of cartoon money, as in the case of Money Buster.

money ASMR
Here is a link to the original video

Challenge your users

Dare your potential audience to do something and a lot of people will accept the challenge. Simply because if the user manages to succeed, he will feel more satisfied (hi, dopamine).
Design Home, for example, challenges the players to decorate a house with a limited budget.

challenge design home
Here is a link to the original video 

Set a high bar

People tend to enjoy hard games more than easy ones. It’s an opportunity to test your limits, learn something new, and a potential reason to brag. No Humanity is branded as one of the hardest games on the market. But once the developers decided to make it a bit easier, the retention dropped 4%. The users just didn’t feel like the experience was as rewarding.
So, don’t be afraid to set a high bar for your audience. For example, Impulse, a brain training app, offers you to try and reach Einstein’s IQ.

more clever than einstein
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Keep track of the top news

Ideally, ads should be relevant and resonating. This will drive an emotional, human response from your audience. Some companies prefer to reach out to our values and beliefs (like this Google ad about a grandfather searching for ways to remember his partner), others use today’s top news to boost viewers’ engagement – like the Nomatic app.

travel again
Here is a link to the original video

These were this week’s ad ideas. Challenge your users, use pleasant sounds in your videos, and, of course, try to always create advertisements that resonate with your target audience. Oh, and don’t forget to come back again next week for more inspiration 🙂

If you are thinking of a new ad, but you still put it on hold all the time, use Perfomante! A team of professionals will create a cool, memorable clip according to the store’s or platform’s guidelines. Just contact our team to find out how Perfomante can help you ?

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