Every week we show you which tips others use to attract new customers through video ads. Why don’t you act? Implement and improve your performance!

🎯 Arouse the spirit of competition

Nothing warms up your interest in the game like the opportunity to beat your opponent! By the way, this is the technique that Toon Blast uses to attract new users 😛

man vs woman gender competition
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😱 Don’t forget about ASMR

Conquer your audience with pleasant sounds in the video, even if it is destruction of cartoon money, as in the case of Money Buster!

money ASMR
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🔴Challenge your viewers

Daring your potential audience to do something, you can easily involve into it into your game. Just offer the viewers $20,000 to decorate their homes, as Design Home App did!

challenge design home
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🗣Entice your audience with a high bar

Invite them to compete with Einstein and see what happens! And be sure to see how gracefully the app Impulse has done it 😌

more clever than einstein
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✈️Remind me of the topical issues and support the spectators 

We all dream of travel, but noone knows how soon we can enjoy it! However, the Nomatic app says it’s all happening very soon, and they’re sure to help you with that ☺️

travel again
Here it is the link to original video 
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