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5 Cool Ad Ideas To Boost Your CTR

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Need to refresh and rethink your current video advertisements? Here is our weekly list of cool ad ideas that will hopefully inspire you to create something crazy and engaging.

Evoke a feeling of nostalgia

Nostalgia marketing is a trick used by designers, game developers, and TV show producers. Stranger Things is a popular television series literally based on nostalgia. The concept focuses on the psychological theory that familiar objects return you to a place in your past, where you felt safe and cozy. As a result, companies manage to make millions on this feeling. Nintendo, for example, created a mini-version of their iconic NES and added a set of ‘30 of the best retro games’. In 5 months, the company sold over 2.3 million consoles worldwide.

Try incorporating a few beloved details from the past into your next campaign. For inspiration, take a look at Toon Blast’s video ad and feel the nostalgia for “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” cartoon and the game Fruit Ninja.

ninja video ad idea

Try empathy-based marketing

Empathy-based marketing is a customer-centered strategy. You make content to match the audience’s expectations and desires and to ease their pain. However, nowadays, only a small number of businesses are able to do that. 80% of companies believe that they are able to deliver a top-notch customer experience, while only 8% of the clients agree with that statement. This phenomenon was named ‘empathy deficit’; it leads to a greater than $300 million loss in revenue per year for an average brand, simply because the marketers are not able to put themselves in the customer’s shoes.

IKEA’s video ad is all about the consumer. The world’s largest furniture company does not only understand the struggles of the clients, but it also guides them towards a solution.

Focus on pleasant associations

If you manage to create a feel-good, heartwarming ad, people would want to come back to it. The now-classic Old Spice commercial that features quite a few things that humans love has been viewed more times in the first 24 hours than President Obama’s acceptance speech.

Throw a party or show a cute puppy – there are plenty of scenarios that can make the audience smile.

Hefty Party Cups ad
Budweiser Super Bowl ad

Create ads using user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful marketing tool that has 4 times higher click-through-rates than traditional videos. The audience (75% of it) believes that UGC makes content more authentic and 72% of brands claim that such clips are more engaging.
Look at these sincere emotions brought to us by a “Lucky Night” player.

user generated video ad

Make objects talk

Nearly 50% of Americans talk to ATMs. Some of us speak to cars and plants and it will hardly surprise anyone. In fact, talking to inanimate objects is a sign of empathy and intelligence. Incorporating everyday items that like to have a chat in your video ads is a fun thing that a lot of people will be able to relate to. Have a sneak peek at what the office supplies are up to in this Monday commercial.

talking objects on the video ad

How did you like our ad ideas? In a nutshell, people like to be taken to places where they felt good and consumers love the advertisements that are focused around them. If you manage to nail one of these strategies, your CTR will skyrocket in no time 🙂

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You can also share with us the ad ideas that you found cool and inspiring! Send all the links to – and we’ll add it to the next article.

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