Today we will share with you the most creative and fresh ideas for commercials that appeared on the market this week. So, don’t hesitate to look for inspiration and create for yourself! 😈

👾 Using an eccentric alternative to footage

If you’re used to carefully monitoring image quality and measuring the distance between objects with a ruler, then you have a lot to learn from the marketers of the Plinko app. On the contrary, they’ve decided not to worry about it at all!

footage alternative video ad

While you’re puzzling over the choice of music for a video that’s not copyrighted, the Geisha Tokyo team monitors Apple Music and uses remixes of popular tracks in its ads.

music trends in video ads

🎬 Creating a mini plot

You have only 3 seconds to attract attention: with interface demonstrations and vivid slogans you won’t surprise anyone. So, create a mini story around your app so it’s sure to be viewed, like a Coin Master video.

interface demonstration video ad

🍩 Triggering instincts

If there is an element of truth that people love with their eyes and think in images, then it should definitely be used. For example, as the Noom app does it. Overly delicious!

food video creative

🎨 Playing with colors

Nothing makes a product image brighter than right contrast. By the way, this is what makes the NUGGS video so stylish!

bright colorful video ad

⚪️Being minimalistic 

The information noise during the day is much more intense than we think. Therefore, unobtrusive and concise promotions can be favourably received by the audience: for example, the one from Spotify.

idea of minimalistic video ad

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