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Create Engaging Video Ads: 6 Tips & Examples

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Our weekly blog post that will help refresh the concepts of your video ads and boost audience engagement. Use the following ideas to spice up the ad scripts.

Capture recordings of embarrassing life situations 

Funny and awkward clips attract a lot of attention on social networks. This YouTube video about the embarrassing moments caught on live TV has over 11 million views. Another clip reached more than 17 million views, and that’s just a few examples.
Do bear in mind that there is a fine line between the funny recordings and the ones that are inappropriate to use in an ad. We think that Good Job Games nailed this tricky concept.

embarrassing life video ad
Here is a link to the original video

Use Tinder swiping to deliver your message

Tinder has over 60 million monthly active users. With 1.6 billion daily swipes, it comes as no surprise that a lot of people are familiar with the ‘swipe right and left’ mechanics created by the dating app. In Lithuania, for example, animal lovers got inspired by the popular application and created their own app where you can swipe right or left, but this time your match will be a cute dog.
If you need to illustrate how to make choices, feel free to use this feature that the users are familiar with.

swipe mode
Here is a link to the original video

Add content generated by influencers

InfluencerMarketingHub conducted a survey and discovered that 90% of the respondents find influencer marketing effective. If you manage to find the right person to promote your product, you might end up in the 62% of businesses that make over $5 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing.
Take a look at the Episode app’s video for inspiration.

content generated by bloggers
Here is a link to the original video

Combine real-life videos with animated content

With animation, there are practically no limits. Whether you want the characters to do something unexpected or add more color to your campaign, animated content can become your magic wand. In the example below, with the help of an animation, TikTok makes even the craziest dreams come true.

Это изображение имеет пустой атрибут alt; его имя файла - make-your-video-ads-more-engaging-4.webp
Here is a link to the original video

Create the “being there” effect

The illusion of presence can be created if you use the subjective shooting approach – shots that attempt to replicate the character’s point of view through framing and movement. The advertisement below makes you feel like you are in a mobile game.

vr mobile reality
Here is a link to the original video

Add surrealistic effects to your content

Unusual colors and effects always catch the eye. You can experiment with speed ramping, sky replacement, water-bending, or adding glowing elements to the clip. A lot of these things can be done during the post-production in Adobe After Effects, Wondershare Filmora, or Nuke. Have a look at how the PicsArt team added a few effects to their ad.

surrealistic effects
Here is a link to the original video

Those were our 6 tips on how to make your advertisements more engaging coupled with cool examples. Try out different options to find out what your audience loves the most. And who knows? Maybe we will be using your clip as an example for our next article 🙂

Make sure to share the video ads that you found exciting and inspiring with us! Send all the links to, and we’ll be happy to publish them in the future. ☺️

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