Facebook states that over 9 million active advertisers use the platform to promote their services and products. But the funny thing is that every advertiser gets the same interest suggestions to target (and that’s only 25 interests)…

Thankfully, there is a secret weapon that you can use. List specific interests that practically no one else is targeting! Step up your game by using the Facebook Marketing API.
However, before you bring this marketing trick to life, you need to create the perfect video that will make everyone go crazy about your product or service. Performante can help you with that! You’ll be able to enjoy your handcrafted video ad in the shortest time possible.

Facebook Marketing API? What Is That?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It helps you add important specifications to your campaign. However, you need to know exactly what changes you need to make in the data provided.

You can spend hours learning about Facebook’s Ad Campaign Structure to fully understand what you’re working with. But that’s too complicated. We will show you a few things that you can start implementing straight away. And you don’t need to be an experienced developer to do that 😉

How to Use Facebook Marketing API? Step-by-Step Instructions. 

  1. Create First App
    Facebook Marketing APIWelcome to Facebook for Developers. Click the ‘Get Started’ button in the upper right corner and Create First App. You will be asked to give your App a Display Name. And don’t forget to add your contact email. Once you click on the Create App ID, your very own App has been created.

  2. Request an access token
    Facebook Marketing API
    Now you’ll need an access token – your ‘ticket’ to the magical world of Marketing API. Go to this page, select the App that you have just created, and then generate an access token. The design of the page on your computer can be a bit different, but you should still perform the same steps.
    The long, complicated number that will appear is your Access Token.

  3. Choose one of the targeting methods
  • The adinterest method
    With this method, you would have to input a keyword and the API will generate a list of related interests for you.
    Make sure to save this URL:
    Delete my keyword ‘Tennis’ and input yours. The first letter has to be capitalized. Replace the ‘your-access-token’ with the sequence of numbers and letters that we have just generated.
    Once you have changed the URL, insert it in the browser, and hit enter.
    Facebook Marketing API
    Here, you will find not only the related interests but also the size of the audience that you can reach, if you use these interests!

  • The adinterestsuggestion method
    This method is similar to the previous one. It will help you open a new list of interests. Some of those might be the same suggestions as from the adinterest method, but you should definitely give this method a try, just in case (you might find some hidden options that you haven’t even thought about).
    Here is our new URL:
    Your keyword needs to be inside the brackets and the %22 – an alternative solution to quotation marks (the first letter has to be capitalized). Copy-paste your access token, insert the URL in the browser, and hit enter.
    Facebook Marketing API
    Some of the options are quite unexpected, right? 😉

4. Use Facebook and Google to search the interests

At the moment, you have plenty of specific interests that you can use. However, you should check if those are relevant or not. Sometimes, Facebook can list very strange interests that are not at all relatable. Simply go to Facebook or even Google and search for the interest. PETA, for example, hardly has anything to do with Tennis, so we can certainly cross that one out. 

Now you know how to target your Facebook ad. Hope you are surprised with how easy it is to reveal hidden interests that will help your target audience see your ad and leave the competitors far behind 🙂

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