Now we are all at lockdown and our apartments have become everything for us: restaurants, gyms, offices, and even video production studios. 

Creating videos has never been an easy task but now it’s becoming more challenging as everything happens under cramped conditions. Now we are to create eye-catching content in our houses and with quite limited resources.  

But don’t worry: it’s possible to create converting video ads even within the four walls. We’ll tell you what you might need to do and what are the most important things to consider. Let’s start!

1. Never lose stability and focus

Nobody likes watching shaky video content and it’s hardly possible to enjoy it. So, not to fix these shaking effects after the video is shot, it’s better to prevent it. 

It’s a great idea to get a gimbal to make your moving videos stable and pleasant-to-watch. You can choose one of the most popular ones: Zhiyun Smooth 4 or DJI Osmo Mobile 2. These models suit mobile devices perfectly.

2. Lighting is on!

Lighting is almost half of your success in video shooting. You need to place your product in such a way that it’s clearly seen.

It’s hard to brighten dark or underexposed videos, thus make sure that you illuminate the object well. Install a bright source of light directly behind the subject you’re filming.

3. Background matters

It’s essential to have a clear and clean background either when you are filming a person or a product layout. You can buy a wooden or paper background: it’s an easy way to have unique-style videos in your profile. 

Videos with bright or branded backgrounds can become your distinctive feature. Users will know it’s your product long before they watch the first 5 seconds of your video.  

4. Turn the sound on!

If you think that your video ad needs an audio, then make it sound professional and without any background noise. 

There are simple mics, called lavalier microphones or just a lavalier, that are small but make your audio top-notch. You can buy Rode SmartLav+ or Shure MVL — these options don’t cost a fortune but will play a great role in your video if you need a voiceover. 

5. Special effects are always a good idea! 

To catch clients attention, you need to make your video ads stand out. You can do this even with the standard effects within your iPhone. 

Using time lapse or slow motion will make your videos sparkle with new bright colors.

Cinemagraphs are nice to try as well. However, you need some specific skills to create this kind of content. 

6. Simple video editing tools

Today, App Store and Google Play are full of applications to make your video editing as simple as possible. Such apps, like Inshot, Splice or Clipper, allow you to make eye-catching videos just in 15 minutes. 

If you are not on first-name terms with video editing, you can always outsource it to a professional team. is one of the teams that can help you with video ad production. All you need to do is to send your ready materials and Perfomante team will create a 15-sec video for Facebook ads just in 24 hours. Very convenient if you don’t have time to edit ads by yourself!

We don’t say that creating converting ads at home doesn’t require any skills and resources to spend. However, you need to adapt fast to the lockdown realities not to lose all your clients and conduct all the marketing and advertising activities as planned. And remember, creativity is the most essential asset to have in video ad production:)

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