Here it’s our weekly blog post that will help to refresh your video ads concepts and boost audience engagement! To diversify your ad scripts, you can use the following  🔥 ideas:

🌚 Capture recordings of embarrassing life situations 

Funny and awkward videos always attract attention on social networks, so you can safely use them as part of your ads. Take a look how Good Job Games used this approach for their ad!

embarrassing life video ad
Here it is the link to original video

💑 Use Tinder swiping to deliver your message

Most of the people are familiar with swipe right and left mechanics created by Tinder. So, if you need to illustrate how to make choices, feel free to use this well-known feature.

swipe mode
Here it is the link to original video

💁🏼Add content generated by bloggers 

Now nothing works better on audience engagement and loyalty increase than a famous blogger who uses your product or service.That’s definitely one of the secrets of the Episode app success!

content generated by bloggers
Here it is the link to original video

🌠 Align expectations with reality 

Combine real life videos with animated surreal content! Look, how TikTok makes even the craziest dreams come true 😜

Here it is the link to original video

📽Create the “being there” effect

The illusion of presence can be created if you use the subjective shooting approach. For example, the ad below can make you feel as a character from the mobile game!

vr mobile reality

👽Add surrealistic effects to your content

Unusual colours and effects always catch the eye. The PicsArt team definitely knows how to make you interested!

surrealistic effects
Here it is the link to original video

You can also share with us the video ads that you found cool and inspiring! Send all the links to my email: ☺️

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