We in Perfomante believe that collaborative teamwork is a key to success and high productivity and our view is supported by our clients’ requests and scientific studies!

In big companies video production can be an effort of different employees within the department or even between divisions. To achieve outstanding results marketers, UA managers and creators should work together as a single unit controlling all the stages of making videos. It helps to distribute the load in a more efficient way and to better allocate team resources, such as time and creativity.

Considering the distributed parties needs, we’ve launched a new feature called “Team accounts” with the possibility of adding an unlimited number of accounts.

Teamwork feature
That’s the way “Team accounts” work

It would help our clients to drive parallel processes in the same place, reducing costs and use of internal resources. Since then managers and marketers can control processes in real time and creators have a better tool to plan the campaigns. Thus, the companies themselves will enhance performance and expand their opportunities for growth 🚀 

In order not to lose time, you can already try our new feature and boost your productivity!

What is next?

We plan to expand collaboration opportunities and add hierarchy of roles. With this feature the access to Team Accounts can be given also to external parties, for example, to partners of the company with the full accordance to NDA.

Do you have ideas or feature requests for our further development? Write your suggestions to v@perfomante.io

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