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Top 6 Influencer Marketing Platforms

17_6 Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influencer marketing platforms have had their ups and downs throughout the years. Some campaigns that featured famous social media personas were labeled as ‘fake’ and became more of an anti-advertisement, while others – like this ad for Sun Peaks Resort – made thousands of people fall in love with the product. 

The number one reason why some of the campaigns fail is the fact that the company wasn’t able to find the right influencer. For 61% of marketers, for example, finding a suitable persona for their campaign is challenging.

Today, we want to make things a bit easier for you. Check out six influencer marketing platforms that are an effective option for those who want to make their own market research. If you just want to outsource all the influencer duties, take a look at our list of influencer agencies.

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Top 6 Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influence is one of the most well-known platforms for the global influencer marketing community. It helps create a professional presence for brands and engage clients with eye-catching content.

influencer platform

Price: the basic plan is free. The pro plan starts at $475 per month.

Database: over 100k influencers


  • Find influencers from anywhere in the world.
  • The website works as a job posting board.
  • Set the minimum criteria.
  • Search by category, audience, engagement rates, and brands they have worked with.
  • Reporting tools help keep track of postings.
  • Bonus: some influencers are ready to receive your product as a payment method.

YouTube BrandConnect

A Youtube-oriented platform, previously known as FameBit.

Price: free

Database: creators from the United States with over 25k subscribers


  • Brand Interest Lift allows to measure user search behavior resulting from viewing the influencer’s video.
  • Influencer Lift is a tool that measures consumer sentiment on purchase intent and brand recall.
  • In addition, there are tools that will help you measure the impact and ROI.


Some of the customers of Influencity include Nestle and AliExpress.

influencer platform influencity

Price: starting at $48 per month. However, a free 7-day trial is offered.

Database: over 70 million influencers


  • Organize influencers in groups.
  • The platform features ROI forecasting feature.
  • Match up influencers and your audience based on the products they love.
  • Use all-inclusive real-time analytics.


Great for tech-geeks — there is an AI algorithm that helps find the best influencers that match your criteria and your social media profile.

influencer platform socialbakers

Price: starting at $200 per month

Database: the platform tracks 10 million social profiles


  • Choose influencers by the hashtags they use, their mentions, or past collaborations.
  • The platform tracks fake performance trends and anomalies to prevent fraud.
  • Publish and approve posts from your smartphone.
  • Moreover, you’ll be able to analyze your competitors’ performance.


Upfluence positions itself as a platform connecting e-commerce businesses with relevant bloggers.

influencer platform upfluence

Price: starts at $95 per month

Database: over 4 million profiles


  • Over 20 advanced search criteria.
  • Identify organic influencers or those who already like your product.
  • Turn your customers into brand advocates.
  • Organize a customizable Influencer Relationship Management dashboard.
  • Use the advanced analytics dashboards to measure ROI and total earned media value.


The customers of Stellar include Disney, LVMH, Colgate, and Shiseido.

influencer platform stellar

Price: starts at $89 per month

Database: over 10 million influencers


  • Stellar Intelligence is a proprietary technology that gives valuable analytics on influencers and their campaigns.
  • The platform has its own agency.
  • Invite the influencers to connect to MySoda to get more insights into the posts and stories.
  • Use the automated workflow to save time.

To sum up, influencers help increase brand awareness, reach new audiences, and, ultimately, generate more sales. In fact, 34% of marketers confess that ROI from influencer marketing is ‘better’ when compared to other marketing channels and 14% say that it’s ‘much better’.

Use one of these six marketing platforms to find the right influencer for your campaign, and together you will rock the social media world. By the way, don’t forget to check out other recommendations about influencer marketing from the Perfomante team in this blog.

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