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Mobile Marketing on a Budget: 4 Ways to Promote Your App for Free

Mobile Marketing on a Budget1

In 2021, location-targeted mobile ad spending is projected to grow to $32.4 billion – nearly 3 times more than in 2016. That comes as no surprise – the interviewed advertisers and marketers state that they put 51% of their budget into mobile advertisements.

Do you have to spend that much on the promotion of your application? Thankfully, there are numerous ways to reduce the mobile marketing budget. Today, we will show you 4 ways to promote your app for free.

Before getting started, make sure that your app store and google play screenshots are on point. Also, creating a high-quality promo video for your product is a must. The great news is that you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune to come up with a catchy clip. Make a converting video at home, or find a team of professionals who are ready to take care of the video for a fixed price.

4 Ways to Promote Your App for Free

Use social bookmarking websites

We are talking about the sites that have virtual ‘bookmarks’. Users can take advantage of the ‘pins’ to discover and, later on, organize web pages. Share your page, blog post, image, or video to increase brand awareness.


If you have content that has been shared on bookmarking websites or even if you are simply listed, the site will generate a link to your page. That is an important SEO tool. So, having your app shared through bookmarking websites can not only help drive traffic but also, potentially, make you appear on the first page of search engines.


In most cases, users won’t be redirected to the app store. You would have to link a video or a webpage and that adds an extra step to your monetization funnel.

Top Bookmarking Websites:


How does it work?

First of all, you have to decide what type of content you want  to share. Is it a well-written article? Then, you can try out If you’ve been focusing on imagery, then Pinterest might be the right choice for you.

  • Digg allows you to post URLs for the web pages that you find interesting. The site has its own highly engaged audience that might check out the article that you have submitted and then vote for it. All you have to do is create a Digg account and then submit a page. You get to type in the title and description and choose a topic. The articles that have collected a large number of votes within a short timeframe will be featured on the main page.
  • You can actually pay for the application to be advertised on Pinterest. But there are also ways to promote your app for free.
    Create a board with pins that focus on your app. For example, a board that is about a health-monitoring application can include healthy recipes and workouts. The website is a search engine of its own, so make sure to use relevant keywords in your pin description, title, and image file name.. Don’t forget to update the board regularly and post only high-quality videos and images.

Consider guest post blogging

Websites share pieces of content with each other to introduce their pages to a new audience. Such cross-promotion can potentially have a good marketing pay-off.


Building links from high-quality websites improves SEO. Guest post blogging also helps build brand awareness. According to Adsy, guest posts extend your audience by 174%. Moreover, such posting generates a 75% increase in direct sales.


Guest blogging is time-consuming. Firstly, you need to find a trustworthy website that focuses on your target audience and that is ready to cooperate – 84% of writers personally reach out to the content managers. Secondly, you should hire a person who is able to write a helpful and interesting blog post.

How does it work?

  • Identify your goal.
    Center the post around your main aim. Do you want to drive traffic to your website or raise awareness of your brand?
  • Find websites that accept guest posts.
    Use a topic keyword phrase and such phrases as ‘write for us’ and ‘guest posting’ for your google search. Look for sites that are relevant to your topic. If you have created a game, for example, then try to find a gaming website that publishes guest posts (TouchArcade, SOOMLA, Pocket Gamer). Focus on the pages that your target audience likes to visit.
  • Write a guest post pitch.
    Send a personalized email with a straightforward subject line. Remember that the main reasons why editors reject posts are low-quality content and texts that don’t follow the site’s guidelines. Here are a few email templates that you might find helpful.
  • Finally, write that post.
    Take care of the headline, link appropriately, and format the text. Make sure that the content is well-researched, engaging, and useful to the audience.

Apply for online awards to promote your app for free

While some developers dream about receiving an award, others don’t even consider this opportunity to promote their creation. Basically, all you need to do is submit your pitch. It will take you some time to work on your app’s presentation, but the overall process is pretty much straightforward and it’s a quick path to public recognition.
For inspiration, here are the 2020 Apple Design Award Winners.


Press releases, reviews, sponsorships, corporate collaborations, prizes – there are just too many advantages. The applications nominated for Best Mobile App Awards experience a 25% in downloads and get over 25.000 views per month. Oh, and let’s not forget about app store badges 🙂


Your pitch and app idea have to be unique and cool. Some awards have a cost to enter. Moreover, you might want to invest in a professional who will make sure that the pitch and the PR-program are on point.


Apple Design Awards
Best Mobile App Awards
The MUX Awards
Media Excellence Awards

How does it work?

Check the eligibility requirements and the contest laws. You will need to submit an app description, the supporting documents, a short video, and screenshots. Sometimes, you would have to make a payment. Bear in mind that only the owner or an authorized representative of the app may apply.

Get featured on mobile app review sites

77% of users read at least one review before downloading an application. Imagine how your KPIs are going to skyrocket if that review is placed on a trustworthy website.


A crazy amount of traffic in the first 24 hours. MobileAppDaily, for example, has over 145.000 email subscribers and Mashable gained 28 million social media followers.


Getting the app reviewed is challenging. The top sites receive abnormal number of pitches and your application has to be really good for it to be considered.


Here is a list of 210 app review sites with contact emails. You can also check out the case of the “I Lazy to Read” app developer who got featured on Lifehacker and Webrazzi and reached an average of 300 daily visitors in the first 2 weeks.

How does it work?

Basically, all you have to do is pitch your creation. You might want to send the necessary files to the websites before the application goes live.

Your pitch should include:

  • A link to your app in the app store (if it’s live)
  • A summary paragraph describing your app
  • The price
  • Screenshots of the app logo, title screen, and in-app content
  • Links to videos
  • If your app is paid, send a key to free download
  • Your contact information

Now you know at least 4 ways to promote your app for free (well, almost). These methods would require a wagon of your time, effort, and, of course, patience – but the ideas are certainly worth a try. If you have a good quality product and you know how to pitch it, success will not keep you waiting for too long.

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