Joom eCommerce marketplace Case Study

How Joom team get 2 unique videos each week and scaled it to 38 different sizes and localizations during the month


4 videos + 152 formats/localizations

  • 2,5х times faster than 1 motion designer
  • same day delivery
  • 152 videos delivered each month


Joom is the global mobile marketplace represented in more than 100 countries of the world. The audience of the marketplace is more than 25 million monthly active users. They can order products from different countries of Europe and Asia, as well as from local sellers and brands, including world-famous ones. Joom users can also subscribe to brands’ news and offers, influencers’ posts and reviews, and receive personalized recommendations and discounts.

Context & Goals

Joom needed user acquisition creatives that will help to attract more customers. The team decided to create 2 unique animation videos per week and scale it to 38 different sized and localizations. To speed up the production Joom team decided to use Perfomante.


The company provided .zip archives with .aep files, texts of localization and desired resize formats. It took 10 minutes to fill in the brief to start the production. As a result, each week Joom gets 38 videos in different localizations and formats and it takes only 24h to produce it.

Kamilla Dvorakovskaya Head of creatives

“Perfomante helps us to organize video production in quite limited time without any quality issues. I also wanted to notice that even with the availability of edits, the guys manage not to break deadlines and do work quickly and professionally”