Marketing performance and Due Diligence company

How Adfirst team quickly implemented their ideas for complicated character animation.

Script + Assets

5 videos


Adfirst Agency helps startups to boost up marketing, set up
analytics, increase conversion, and reduce CAC.
They build marketing strategy to achieve measurable results in short time using various instruments.

Context & Goals

The Adfirst team needed to produce the maximum amount of
videos in a minimum time. Capacity of their in-house designers was limited and they needed to use Perfomante app to reach the goal.


The company created tasks on the platform providing assets and scripts. As a result, they received five 15-seconds videos with complex character animation and SFX.
The tasks were performed by several motion designers simultaneously, which helped to deliver all videos in one week only.

Maxim Zuev Marketer at Adfirst.Agency

Perfomante's designers' ability to intuitively understand the scripts was truly amazing. The final videos in most cases didn't require even the first round of revision - everything was on high quality and delightful right away.